Myra Lee


2009-07-10 - 8:02 p.m.

Now that law school is a fading memory, I decided it was time to sell the shitty, shitty laptop I bought for the sole purpose of taking notes in class. I hated this fucking laptop for its slowness and its dumbness. It was the cheapest that could be found in August 2005, and that's the only reason it was purchased. After I hastily posted it on craiglist, I realized that my hate was manifested in the bargain basement price I assigned to it. I guess it was too cheap because I got something like 500 e-mails in three hours. Most of the e-mails said "I have cash and can come get it right now!" But there was one that I really love. It said:

hello im a very serious buyer and im not trying to get a good laptop for the library and to take notes, i havent been doing that lately... and i have a D in summer school semester . i really need this laptop sooo email me your number and we can talk

I love this e-mail for a number of reasons. First, it sounds like the laptop is either perfect for him or terrible for him. I'm not sure. Second, if he's not trying to get a good laptop, he has responded to the right ad! Boy, has he! I also like how he drags his feet at the end and suggests that I give him my number so he can decide when he wants to call me up for a chat about the laptop. We can talk, but I better not turn on the high-pressure sales tactics. Noooo. And again, I get the sense that he knows this laptop, and his relationship with it, is doomed.


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